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F is for Friendship

weirdAfter a brief conversation (over text) today with a wonderful woman I was inspired to post this. Yes she is one of my true friends and she is real.  I am grateful for all kinds of friends in my life:

Best friends, sister friends, neighbor friends, family friends, work friends, group friends, school friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, team mates, long distance friends, friends by association, imaginary friends, friends of the family,  intimate friends, casual friends, friends with benefits, acquaintances and yes even a frenemy!  I have almost 500 Facebook friends, over 100 twitter friends following me and hundreds of linked in connections.

I LOVE my friends. My real friends. My trusted confidantes, the people I would leave my children too,the ones who have never left my side and never ever will, the people I am never spiteful towards or feel like I must entertain them. I have only a handful of these friend and they are all I need.


I never belonged to a click and I am not part of a group who went to school together and still live in their same town, raising their kids together and getting married off together. Nope – I have acquired my best mates throughout life and when the stars align and we both know – there is always room for one more.

Each of my friends is unique. They don’t all know each other, and some have never met. They are from all different races, different places,  are of all ages, genders and beliefs. I do not discriminate, this is a neutral kind of friendship circle.

My true friends are also my best friends. The best of the best of the best and I am proud to have several. Of course there is my BFF(high school), BFF(college), BFF(Local), BFF(sisters)….etc. I would not nor could not exist in this world without them.

Friends are the family I have had the privilege of choosing. There is no need to list names, you already know who you are. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Andrea, Ange, Fro



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


This is what unique is to me. Not because of what it is but because how it changes. This is a photo of the tree line in my back yard. I see it from every window, I look at it all the time, I walk through the trees everyday and it is amazing.
Even though this is such a familiar site to me, the skyline at sunset changes every single day. I find my self gasping almost every night at the sky and calling for the kids to come and see it. I see wonderful colors varying in shade and tone and it is never the same, ever. This is just one little everyday thing in my world that I find to be unique and extraordinary.


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