Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing with Space

Let's Get Happy.

Happy for you is not the same as it is for me
To me, happiness is joy and feeling completely free.money
For you it is valued in terms of titles and of money
Those are just things and won’t make your life easy.

Get rid of the clutter and the thoughts in your head
Let go of your ego before you wind up dead
Enjoy all your moments, even ones you don't like
Minutes may be all you have before the end of life
Stop pushing down emotions, feel the good and the bad
Don’t dwell on your past; regrets are crutches for feeling so sad

Pretension is for the weak, a game you don’t need
Stretching your truth will lead to more greed.
Stop lying to yourself and be honest with me
When you think of your future what do you see? 

Begin to be mindful of the things that you dohappiness
Begin to be mindful of the words that you use
Open your heart and let love in
Open your eyes before the world dims.
Happy for me is simply just to be 
Happy for me is about simplicity 

Give back to all others before your time is up
Karma goes around and doesn't give up
Take my hand please and let go of your fears
Get rid of the pain you have clung to for years

You have the power to make a small change
I know it sounds basic and maybe even strange
Try it for yourself and then you will see 

What it really means for you to become Happy.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Be happy…my motto 🙂
    Lovely poem thanks for making me happy 🙂


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